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The Unconscious Performance of Identity: A Review of Johannes P. Osterhoff’s “Google” Osterfhof’s, “Google,” makes explicit not only the gathering of information that we want to share, but the tracking that happens without our intending it. While Facebook “has collected the most extensive data set ever assembled on human social behavior,” what … Continue reading

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connect your perception to food frequencies []

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Hong Kong: Leading English Newspaper Turns Red? On June 21, two political groups, the League of Social Democrats and Democratic Party protested outside SCMP’s office, burning their newspapers. The undercurrent of the scandal is related to Wang Xiangwei’s close ties with China. Wang’s promotion to SCMP’s chief … Continue reading

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ZeroN – MIT media lab

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Hyper-Matrix | Small Cubes Hyper-Matrix from media group Jônpasang. It was shown at the exhibition Hyundai Motor Group in Korea. Thousands of small cubes move on specially prescribed program.  

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takion energy


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