Hong Kong: Leading English Newspaper Turns Red?


On June 21, two political groups, the League of Social Democrats and Democratic Party protested outside SCMP’s office, burning their newspapers.

The undercurrent of the scandal is related to Wang Xiangwei’s close ties with China. Wang’s promotion to SCMP’s chief editor was widely reported to be tainted with a mysterious “red” color. According to a commentary from Asia Sentinel:

Preceding the naming of its first mainland editor, Wang Xiangwei, the South China Morning Post’s 33-year old chief executive officer Kuok Hui-kwong, daughter of tycoon Robert Kuok, was granted a rare one-on-one audience in Beijing with Wang Guangya, the director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office. That has sent a chill through Hong Kong’s media watchers. Apple Daily, the feisty and fiercely independent local Chinese newspaper declared that SCMP has “gone red.”


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